To All Moms: Anderson Cooper wants to Meet You!

To All Moms: Anderson Cooper wants to Meet You!

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Modern mom and Anderson Cooper Show

So, we once more define the modern women of today. With the everyday juggle between work, relationships, household, financial responsibilities and last not the least kids, life is a tight rope walk.

When we step into the gear of womanhood we take things into stride and to a large extent master the challenges it throws at us every day. But then comes our adorable bundle of joy, taking away all our private and personal joyous moments. So, now you have a hungry, toddling, questioning and attention seeking kid that can push your week’s agenda into a chaos in just no time.

But we generally see ourselves crumble, fall and once more get up to do what needs to be done. Giving due importance to this important yet matter of fact agenda is the upcoming episode of Anderson daytime talk show.Here Anderson Cooper will be addressing the challenges and issues that a modern mom faces while trying to stay above it all. And the best part is we can participate.If you think of yourself as a supermom who has some good short cuts off the sleeve and great tips for balancing motherhood, relationships and career, then you are on. Simply take out your flip cams, your phone cam or the recorder on your home PC and record yourself being simply awesome in whatever you do. Now, everything else is done and now you only need to send it to Anderson Cooper and if you are lucky you would be featuring on his new show!P.S.

Remember to share or demonstrate your special tips and tricks on some of these things:
• Secret Mom Advice
• Tips for Getting Through Meals
• Bedtime
• School Year
• And Getting through the Week
• How you as a mom deal with stress and get ‘me’ timeIn your video start with ‘Hello Anderson’ followed by your first name and location. Now in a sentence express your thoughts in the video.Some Interesting Links

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